The Loss of a Pet: Best Ways to Memorialize

Since my dogs and cats have always been important family members, our plan includes them, along with their own emergency kit. No matter what, our pets are coming with us. I figure that if it is not safe enough for my family to stay, it certainly is not going to be safe enough for my pets. In an emergency, minds will be racing and it will be nearly impossible to think of everything you might need. So a well developed list of “must have” pet items is a good idea. I have these items packed inside of a waterproof plastic tote and labeled as “Pet Emergency Kit”. All the family members know where it is, and I periodically check the kit to make sure it has not been cannibalized since the last time I looked through it. Below are the items I keep ready.

1. Sturdy carriers or crates for transport. The first purchase I made was a plastic dog crate and cat crate for each pet. This is the best way 狗移民新西蘭 to ensure your pets will be transported safely and securely, and unable to escape from the vehicle. When there is a crisis, your pets will sense any tension or concern from the family and this will cause them to become nervous or anxious. If pets are not confined to a carrier there is a risk that in their nervous state, they could run from the car. A plastic pet crate is the best solution if you are looking for durability and maximum safety. Plastic crates are also stack-able in the vehicle allowing you to optimize space. As a note, make sure you secure the crate that is in the top position. When purchasing your crate you want to make sure it is large enough to allow the dog or cat to sit or stand and still have about 2-3″ of head room. It should also be large enough to allow your pet to turn around and lie down.

2. Blanket or bedding for each crate. I have placed a blanket in every crate. If time permits, you can place your pet’s favorite blanket inside of the crate. Your pet needs to be comfortable in the crate in order to reduce stress. For an emergency kit I have chosen a blanket, since blankets can also be use for providing warmth.

3. Pet food. I place a week’s worth of dry pet food in the kit. Canned food can be used if that is your pet’s preference. I prefer dry pet food since it is easy to open and store. If you choose to use the can food, don’t forget to pack a manual can opener. I suggest you rotate the food about once every 8-12 weeks.