Want to know the truth about most penis enlargement techniques? of course you do……if you are ANYTHING like the 80% plus of us who are unhappy with our size, you’ve probably given MORE than a passing glance at many of the popular products on TV at 2 AM, right? But the simple truth is that for ALL of their promise, MOST do NOT work nearly as well as advertised. It’s true….and the statistics for enlargement pills, pumps, pulleys, potions and lotions is extenze ANYTHING but promising. With this in mind, and as someone who has written hundreds of articles, blog posts and forum contributions on the topic of mens health and specifically male enhancement, here are my 3 simple steps to sensational size, outlined below.

Yes, you’ve got to make some simple dietary modifications in my system. Which ones? Easy! LESS sugar, MORE natural foods like walnuts, fish (especially those high in Omega 3’s like Salmon), substitute some green tea in place of coffee if you are a heavy caffeine drinker, etc. Why do we do this? There is a GROWING body of evidence that shows that diets heavy in naturally occurring antioxidants allow for FAR more blood to flow to the extremities, and to all of the vital organs as well. Keeping your male anatomy AND your brain well stocked with proper fuel is an EASY way to amp UP your size in a hurry!

Yes, I’m going to ask you to do more exercise. It’s healthy….and speaks to a holistic, full bodied approach to male enhancement across the board. Did you know, for example, that one of the EASIEST ways to make your penis smaller is a pelvic fat pad that accumulates when a man gains weight? It’s true….and weight in general is one of the primary drivers for size issues at large. (no pun intended..:-) We are going to focus on looking fit and POWERFUL across the board, and starting above the waist.